We were fed up. We had had enough of the bland-tasting, keep-chewing-it-for-an-hour protein bars and protein cookies that look – and taste – like lumps of clay. So we decided we were going to try and develop our own. Problem was, when we started out on this little project back in 2003, we had almost no clue about what we were doing. We understood the science part of the nutrition world coupled with the fact that whey protein has health benefits most consumers are unaware of. The baking part, the packaging part, the mass producing part – not so much.

Over the course of the next three years, there was A LOT of trial and error, emphasis on the error part. And there were more nights at 4 a.m. where we felt like the Keebler Elves. Some nights we felt like we took three giant steps forward, and some nights we took three steps back. But we have come a long way. And we knew we were on the right track when we started handing out our high-protein chocolate chip cookies to people and they raved about them. The best part was many of the people who served as our focus group were people like 65-year-old women and the pre-teen kids of our workout partners. People who aren’t exactly warm to the idea of the blandness and overall bad taste of the typical protein product (which usually lingers for a while even after finishing). These were all people who see a chocolate chip cookie and expect it to taste like a treat, and so we kept striving to make this happen. (Hence the name of our company, EB Performance, which stands for Every Body as in these are geared for everybody.)

And finally, our vision is a reality. We have protein products that actually look and taste like REAL cookies with no preservatives which are fortified with the highest quality whey protein, have no trans fat and are sweetened with organic agave syrup, a low-glycemic sweetener.

It’s almost overwhelming, in the beginning we were using a mixer that grandma used. Now we’re using mixers that you could fit a Mini Cooper in and ovens that are the length of two football fields.

Along our journey to make the ultimate, great-tasting protein cookie, we managed to also add our PB & Whey Protein Bites, which are a welcome twist on the old, boring protein bar, made fresh with premium ingredients including organic peanut butter, high-quality whey protein, organic agave syrup and fortified with B vitamins. They’re like eating a piece of candy, a great-tasting, very healthy piece of candy. We hope you enjoy both and be sure to look for more products from us in the future. Be well and enjoy!