The EB Project was started by EB Performance LLC and a group of dedicated doctors, food scientist & nutritionists to address the global issue of severe acute malnutrition in children.

During a moving 60-Minutes special on the impact of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic foods (RUTFs), the founders listened to and acted upon the request for more of these products from Doctors Without Borders. They decided that alongside formulating innovative whey protein snacks & beverages, they could use whey protein and its’ benefits to innovate new technologies to fight severe acute malnutrition.

Severe acute malnutrition is defined by a very low weight for height, by visible severe wasting, or by the presence of nutritional edema. Globally, it is estimated that there are nearly 20 million children who are severely acutely malnourished. Most of them live in south Asia and in sub-Saharan Africa. The large burden of child mortality due to severe acute malnutrition remains largely absent from the international health agenda, and few countries, even in high prevalence areas, have specific national policies aimed at addressing it comprehensively.

Severe acute malnutrition remains a major killer of children under five years of age. Until recently, treatment has been restricted to facility-based approaches, greatly limiting its coverage and impact. New evidence suggests, however, that large numbers of children with severe acute malnutrition can be treated in their communities without being admitted to a health facility or a therapeutic feeding center. The community-based approach involves timely detection of severe acute malnutrition in the community and provision of treatment for those without medical complications with ready-to-use therapeutic foods or other nutrient-dense foods at home. If properly combined with a facility-based approach for those malnourished children with medical complications and implemented on a large scale, community-based management of severe acute malnutrition could prevent the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children.

  • Nearly 20 million children under five suffer from severe acute malnutrition.
  • Severe acute malnutrition contributes to 1 million child deaths every year.

For more information about how you can contribute to The EB Project, please visit www.theebproject.weebly.com.