“Let me take this opportunity to say that you have a superior product. I can count on it when there is not acceptable food around, like the donuts for breakfast at a workshop this morning! One PB&Whey kept me going all morning. As a part of my weight-loss program, it is unparalleled and indispensable. I’m sharing it with my 24 yr. old son in New York who is a runner, and does not attend to his nutrition as I think he should. We moms are like that.”
– Emily S., Houston, TX

“I seem to be on a constant search for the ‘best’ protein bar, and was ecstatic to discover EB PB & Whey. Not only does it have clean ingredients that I feel good about putting in my body, and a consistency and flavor that I love, but it keeps me satisfied between meals! My son, who is 3, will not let me finish a bar without sharing with him. Some days he’ll ask for a bar of his own! The fact that they don’t melt in the scorching Florida heat is also a HUGE plus. And they’re the perfect size to take on a long run, hike, or horse-back ride! Can’t wait to try the new flavors!”
– JW, Boca Raton, FL

“Having 10 grams of protein in such a tasty protein bar is great! I love it when I find a bar full of good stuff & not all the preservatives & hydrogenated oils. Perfect for my active lifestyle. I think I will buy a case and send to myself. I’ll most likely order more before my backpacking trip in Australia also!”
– Trish K., Phoenix, Arizona

“I’m not much of a bar person, but I really like yours. They’re different; a cross between candy and a bar. I like that. I would pick yours before I’d go for a regular bar.”
– Maureen C., Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Ha! That’s funny. I eat at least one PB & Whey bar each and every day. I’m tempted to continue—don’t think I can make it through a day without them! Bummer, but I applaud your professionalism in the recall.”
– Pat J. (Response Regarding Voluntary Recall), EB Performance Authorized Dealer, Sarasota, FL

“This is the best tasting protein bar I have ever tried, it tastes natural with no synthetic aftertaste. It’s delicious!”
– Lindsey M.

“Both my children are competitive junior tennis players and they have come to rely on your “bites” as a regular snack during their matches. Many times they have been in long 3hr matches in the grueling Florida heat and have been completely exhausted but have taken the “bite” and literally come alive to triumph over their opponents who simply had no energy left in their tanks. I too am a competitive player and have also used when my energy and blood sugar has dropped and felt soon after like Popeye! Wonderful product and thanks for inventing such a healthy snack for athletes.”
– Paula Q., Miami, FL

“I really enjoyed my PB & Whey Protein Bites. They tasted like my favorite candy – Mary Janes with a touch of my other favorite candy Bit O Honey. It was smooth and crunchy. 2 thumbs up! I’ll buy again.”

– Alyson P. of Boynton Beach, FL

“I was recently introduced to your products DynaBites and PB and Whey Protien Bites and was very impressed with the taste and quality. I am often asked about nutritional product recommendations and will highly recommend these products to my patients/athletes. These healthy choices will be beneficial for both athletes and patients undergoing rehab to enhance their full rehab potential.”

– Dr. Jeff Hill, DPT, MA, CSCS, Gastonia, NC

“I love the PB and whey bar! It was a PERFECT pick me up at work! I’m running around on my feet all day. I love that it is low glycemic with great quality whey protein (more bio-available) and added vitamins. Plus, it has this delicious creamy and milky peanut butter taste.”

– Sarah C. of Tastes Like The Future, Portland ME – owner of the popular food site www.tasteslikethefuture.com

“EB’s PB & Whey and their chocolate chip protein cookies, DynaBites, are integral parts of our nutrition program. They provide quick and healthy choices for our athletes after workouts. Replenishing glucose stores and increasing protein levels immediately post workout are essential to muscle growth. We feel these products are excellent providers of the necessary nutrients for muscular development.”

– Mike Barwis, Strength and Conditioning Coach

“The PB & Whey bars are a big part of our National Championship lineup. They are just the right size and consist of the perfect balance of nutrients that help us recover between workouts so that we can continue to train at an optimal level. Our guys always grab a few after each workout or practice to hold them over until mealtime. The PB & Whey bars give us a great-tasting, healthy alternative to the typical protein bar.

– Coach Tommy Moffitt, Director of Strength & Conditioning – National Champions – LSU Tigers






“I lost about 4 lbs. so far on these bars! My 4 yr old twin boys love them too!”

– Paul K., MD

“I am a teenage athlete who works out 4-5 times a week at the Univ. of Texas with a strength and agility coach to help me improve in football. Your product is the only protein bar that tastes so good, I never get tired of it. I have tried others and they don’t match up. This bar really helps me a lot!”

– Daniel Y., Austin, TX

“I was looking for a bar to eat at 10 and at 2 in place of lunch but one not containing HFCS or hydrogenated oils. I found your product which seems to be a perfect fit. The size is perfect. The texture is not as dense as that of a Met-Rx bar. They go quite well with coffee in the morning. The taste is the best I’ve experienced in a protein bar. It has a buttery smooth flavor and a smooth finish unlike the bitter finish of most other bars. I will likely order more so keep making them! I made a referral to a physician friend of mine who is also looking for a similar bar to incorporate into his routine. Thanks! You have a unique and excellent product!”

– Paul K., MD, Wayzata, MN

“I bought them from Running Wild while I was in Ft. Lauderdale on business. I loved them right away. I am training for IronMan Florida and I plan on sharing them with my training buddies. I like how small they are for carrying on the bike and run.”

– Robert P., Tallahassee, FL

“They are great and much better than the other protein bars I’ve tried. I was going on vacation next week and wanted to make sure I had Protein Bites for the trip. Great product – perfect after a workout!”

– Stephanie Y., Huntsville, AL

“I’m a 35 years young who always practice sports. But not until two years ago I was introduced to triathlon. Since then, I can tell you I became a triathlete and have been racing in local and national competitions. However, nutrition was always a problem for me… never knew exactly what to take or how to replenish all the calories burnt during those long hours of training. And then, I’ve heard about your product through my nutritionist, Lisa Dorfman. She gave me a sample to try out prior to my long runs and triathlon races. The PB bar is the perfect pre-workout snack for me. Since I’ve been eating them, I haven’t had any digestion problems and my performance has been improving as well. I guess it has the right amount of carbs, protein and sugar that my body needs and still manage to have very little fat… I love it!”

– Alessandra C., Miami, FL

“Again your ‘little achievement’ helped me through training. This time, I ran my last long run before the race, with one PB bar for breakfast! Thanks!! That was my first 20 miles ever and I felt great!”

– Alessandra C., Miami, FL (follow-up)

“I can’t believe they have 10 grams of protein and taste so great!”

– Alexandra G., Ninth Grader & Competitive Volleyball Player

“I will share these with my teammates. I think they are awesome!”

– Natalie G., Fifth Grader & Competitive Volleyball Player

“These protein bars are so good sometimes I even eat them for dinner!”

– Kelly F.

“A couple of weeks ago I met you guys at the Final Four show and you introduced me to your product. I used a few of your bars during the week and 30 minutes before my workout and had good results. There were no digestion problems and I felt confident trying it in my upcoming race. The race this past weekend was a 50K (31.2 miles), the Southeast Regional Championship held in Brooksville, FL. I once again ate one of your power bars 30 minutes prior to the race and grabbed a second bar after my first loop. Because it was compact, I was able to tuck it in the zipper compartment of my shorts and opened it up at mile 25. I was able to chew it while walking up a steep hill and the added energy boost carried me through the last 6 miles of the race. I not only won the race, but lowered the course record that I set last year by over 13 minutes.”

– Deborah Wedge, Ultramarathoner & Massage Therapist

“I’m a single Dad with three boys – finally a quick snack that is actually healthy! They are a part of our daily ritual – after school, before practices, workouts, etc…”

– Tony B., Los Angeles, CA